nursing contribution to patient recovery from anaesthesia

nursing contribution to patient recovery from anaesthesia Essay example
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Name Institution Course Tutor Date Nursing contribution to patients recovery after anesthesia The essay critically analyses and reflects on the care of a post-operative patient in a recovery environment. I will achieve this objective by using a case study of a patient in a Post anaesthetic care unit to reflect on the practice using Driscoll (1994) model of reflection to aid logical flow.


My reflection will be done mainly by applying specialist knowledge in the assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation in the caring for the perioperative patient in recovery. In light of this, it is intended that at the end of this essay I will have developed an explicit understanding of psychological, social and cultural influences affiliated with patient care in PACU and how to manage them and their various outcomes. My role as a recovery room nurse was to monitor and treat the post-anesthesia effects of a patient in a Post-anesthesia care unit (PACU). Immediately after the surgery, I ensured that I provided constant care to the patient by following a certain time frame. I constantly checked and treated the patient after every few minutes, until the patient regained stability and was ready for transportation to a hospital room. Hatfield & Tronsons’ (2008) suggests that recovery nurses should ‘’treat the patient not to monitor’’ even to the point of discharge especially bearing in mind the type of anaesthesia the patient may have had, and keeping up to date with evidence based practice and changes that occur in practice in relation to how to manage these patients. Recovery room nurses should ensure that they learn during this period. ...
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