Colon Cleansing: A consumer health issue

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Colon Cleansing: A consumer health issue Author Author Affiliation Abstract Colon cleansing had popularized around the marketing agencies and non-medical industry during recent era. Although most of the serious medical practitioners suggest avoiding colon cleansing, until and unless supported by very strong reasons, yet out of current marketing boom and people’s mistaken convictions colon cleansing is getting day by day popular among commoners having no medical advice or prescription whatsoever.


On the other hand, colon cleansing may induce a number of harmful consequences leading to serious harms to digestive system and kidney operations. Medical theories suggests: only under specific circumstances, colon cleansing is recommended under medical guidance. In this paper, it is our matter of concern to analyze how much, and up to what extent, colon cleansing is misunderstood by consumers as well as some medical practitioners. We also seek to inquire for the co-sequences resulted out of myths about colon cleansing. Colon Cleansing: A consumer health issue Introduction In most of the modern practitioners and private hospitals colon cleansing is often recommended to patients complaining over numerous issues arrived out of minor body toxicities or wrong food habits. However, other than medical practitioners, colon cleansing is nowadays making its place among T.V. and Online shops as well as some unauthorized websites over Internet. Most of those shops and Websites try to enforce people to be aware for how much regular colon cleansing is important for them. ...
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