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Case Facts Toni is a 22 year old student who completed secondary school successfully and moved to a university in a suburban community. In the final year of the course, Toni began to complain to his course tutor that the course was becoming stressful. Her performance fell and she cut down on the hours she used to spend studying. At home, Toni became more reclusive and she began to miss lectures and spend long hours in isolation. She refused to leave her bedroom and began to express paranoid delusions about things that are non-existent. She began to complain about how terrible life was and began to argue for a life outside the normal. Toni became less concerned about what she ate and she seem to be going through serious anorexia. She took up strange practices and has said she is not interested in living in a modern setting anymore. She has began advocating for strange beliefs and teachings and in one of her conversations with a group of friends she expressed interest in the Afterlife and how she longed to get into that arena. Toni's mother recently saw that she had visited a suicide forum on her computer and she also saw a note which she suspected to be a suicide note. Framework of Treatment “Mental health is the adjustment of human beings to each other and the world around them with a maximum effectiveness and happiness” (Basavanthappa, 2007). ...
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MENTAL HEALTH CASE ANALYSIS: ASSESSMENT AND TREATMENT OF A CASE OF ACUTE SCHIZOPHRENIA Introduction This is a case study in mental health diagnosis, treatment and care. It involves a practical case which involves a patient going through a given set of circumstances that need to be examined and dealt with…
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