Legal and Professional Issues

Legal and Professional Issues Essay example
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Legal and Professional Issues
Professionalism and the law are major aspects in medical and nursing practice which must be given due consideration and regard by all medical professionals.


The training of nurses and other health care providers is aimed at making them aware of the legal and professional framework within which their practice should be based. This paper presents four case scenarios which illustrate various aspects of legal and professional conduct of nurses and health care providers as pertains to the use of medications, research and care of patients. The case scenarios are analysed in line with the legal provisions that are stipulated by the Australian Department of Health and regulators in Victoria. The analysis of the case scenarios includes a reflection of the ethical and professional issues that are being presented and what should have been done to avoid various forms of misconduct on the part of health care providers.
Case 1
Case scenario 1 presents a situation where Nurse M has violated the law that prohibits the use of controlled medications without a prescription. According to the Department of Health, Victoria (2012), drugs that are controlled must be used only with a prescription from a physician or a doctor. This means that Nurse M has violated the legal framework as provided by the Department of Health. The law requires that the nurse is reported to the relevant authorities in accordance to the legal procedures that are ascribed by the department. ...
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