Extensive review and analysis of nursing leadership

Extensive review and analysis of nursing leadership Assignment example
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Extensive Review and Analysis of Nursing Leadership Name Institution Date Extensive Review and Analysis of Nursing Leadership Introduction In all institutions, a driving force should be present to ensure all the goals are met. These are leaders that ensure a firm, company or organization is geared towards establishing a better accrual in its performance.


However, it is the effectiveness in using their skills and knowledge that affects the final results. In the nursing profession, leaders have to be articulate in ensuring the common goal, which is giving health care, is achieved in the long run. In a much more defined manner, leadership involves pillars that ensure the goals are met. This involves management, command, and control. When leaders are effectively managing a group of individuals, it is important that everything is contained. This will ensure the precedent results are achieved. Command involves structuring what should be achieved with firmness. Confirmatory action on this part of leadership ensures a group of workers act according to the set standards without any opposition. On the other hand, control in leadership is strategizing on handling situations. This involves directing a group of workers on how to perform particular tasks. This scholarly paper will extensively review and analyze nursing leadership using current and emerging theories with a close representation of leaders in long term facilities. Transactional Leadership Aspects of transactional leadership are noted in long term facilities. Since there are different levels of management, it is possible to induct this type of leadership. ...
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