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Reflection Section 1 My practice area is the surgical ward area, specifically, in the Ear, Nose, and Throat specialization. This practice area primarily admits patients who are about to or who have undergone surgery. Most of the patients in this ward are ENT surgical patients, about to be scheduled for surgery or undergoing pre-operative procedures, including medical tests prior to surgery.


Postoperative anxiety is to be expected for these patients, and nurses and other health practitioners within the surgical ward are tasked with educating the patient about the surgery, providing emotional support, and reducing the emotional impact of the surgical procedure. Some of the other patients in the surgical ward are also undergoing postoperative care. Postoperative care for these patients include pain management, monitoring of vital signs, monitoring for bleeding, and monitoring for infection. In the case of the patient subject of this reflection, the patient is a 55 year old female patient who has recently undergone thyroidectomy. She is married, with 3 children, and has worked as a school teacher for 35 years. Six months ago she first noticed that there was a lump at her throat area. She ignored it at first, but four months prior to the surgery, the lump seemed to get bigger. Upon seeking medical consult, she was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. This caused her goitre. After a month of treatment, her goitre continued to enlarge. Hence the thyroidectomy was scheduled. Post-operative pain medications were ordered for the patient by his attending surgeon. In this case, the controlled drug morphine was ordered. ...
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