Essay sample - Improving patients safety in nursing homes or Improving family planning services in poorly developed country

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Improving Family Planning Services in a Developing Country – The Case Analysis of Nigeria Background Generally, family planning has lagged behind in Sub-Saharan Africa, relative to other parts of the developed world (Goliber et al, 2009). Nigeria is the seventh most populous nation on earth and if the trend continues as it is, Nigeria could become the world's third most populous nation by the year 2100, which is about 88 years away (Groth and Sousa-Roza, 2012)…


This would be equivalent to an average 2.7 children in 2035 as compared to the current average of about 5.7 children per woman (2008 estimates). Previous strategies by various Nigerian governments have failed. The main reasons for these failures are Weak programming, Inadequate resources, Weak institutional framework, Lack of strategic planning (Federal MOH & UNPF, 1998). Socio cultural challenges like seeing children as a source of cheap labour and the scepticism of Muslim communities towards modern family planning methods have caused major setbacks to family planning (Renne, 1996; Avong, 2012). This paper will provide a practical approach in dealing with the lack of family planning services in a given Nigerian hospital, the University of Nigeria Teach Hospital, Enugu. This is a hospital that has a need to set up the rightful family planning systems and structures. However, due to the need for the attainment of serious ends and objectives, the entity does not have an in-house family planning clinic. This report will provide the blueprints which would include the option appraisal and a business case analysis. ...
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