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Michelle McGuire FNP Synthesis The State of the Science Paper/Project Abstract Gastroesophageal re?ux disease (GERD) is a common cause of unexplained chronic cough. The GERD disease is known to be the contributing factor in equal to 41 percent of adults who get sick from chronic cough.


Fortunately, the many studies and publications on the relationship between GERD and chronic cough have helped pediatrics to treat and mange GERD-related chronic cough better. However, there are still debates on the causal links between GERD and chronic cough, prompting the writing of this state of the science paper, which seeks to explore the already researched and published findings on the subject. Objectives: To assess the GERD treatment on chronic cough in adults and children with prolonged cough and GERD that is not interrelated to an underlying respiratory illness (for example, nonspecific chronic cough). Literatures and study findings reviews will highlight the causal link between these conditions so that the management and treatment of infants, children, and adolescents with GERD and GERD-related chronic cough could be made more accessible and effective. In this state of the science paper, different types of literatures will be reviewed, among them books, magazines, electronic and print articles from public and institutional libraries. The paper will focus on the various issues on the topic on which medical experts agree and disagree, mentioning any gaps therein. Specifically, the causal link between GERD and chronic cough in pediatric patients will be explored. ...
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