Leadership Practice in Health and Social Care

Leadership Practice in Health and Social Care Essay example
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Leadership Practice in Health and Social Care Critically analyse theories and styles of leadership There are various theories and styles of leadership which are being applied in health and social care. The trait theory indicates that individuals are either born or not born to be leaders, and that individuals possess inherited qualities which can help ensure effective leadership (Siegel, 2009).


In considering the application of this theory to leadership in health care, its basis has been sufficiently supported by other studies with genetic traits forming the foundation for human behaviour and attitudes (Siegel, 2009). This theory is also the basis from which other leadership traits can be evaluated. It provides detailed data in understanding the leadership process, especially in terms of the qualities which can help secure improved patient outcomes (Matthews, et.al., 2003). In assessing this type of leadership, it is important to argue that the qualities or traits needed in order to secure strong and effective leadership is supremely debatable. There are some discussions on the qualities which are essential for effective leadership (Gill, 2006). In effect, effective leadership may not always be based on qualities like drive or knowledge. It may be based entirely on qualities which are also inherited but are peripheral to the leadership traits mentioned above (Martin, 2003). The list of possible traits which would make up effective leadership are also numerous and for the most part, these qualities are simply general qualities. ...
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