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Introduction In a similar fashion to many other students around the world, I usually find it difficult to remember information that I have read and need to use in an examination. Exam preparation does not seem to be effective, and this is in stark contrast to the near perfect memory I have for other categories of information particularly not relevant in the examination.


The first step in Gibb’s Reflective Cycle is to describe the context- that is what happened, how you acted and how others acted. This is then followed by analyzing ones’ feelings in the situation, the emotions that developed in you at the time of the event. After this, one then needs to evaluate the experience, determining which aspects of the happening were good and which ones were bad, alongside what did not go as expected. Then, one can critically analyze the occurrence and come to a conclusion with regard to the entire situation. Finally, one can then come up with an action plan to follow in a similar situation in the future (Jasper, 2003). I will detail all the elements in Gibb’s Reflective Cycle my personal experience of exam preparation, after which I will arrive at a conclusion and come up with recommendations to ease the experience in the future. Context during Exam Preparation The first step in Gibbs Reflective Cycle is the evaluation of what happened in a situation. Due to a variety of reasons, I usually find that I am doing most of my reading at the time of exam preparation- that is the latter stages of the semester. ...
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