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Motivational interviewing

Asma’s case offers a practical example that motivational interview, which is client centered, assists the client to know her problems and develop appropriate solution to tackle the issues at hand. Motivational interviewing can be described as a client centered and directive style of counseling that is aimed at bringing behavioral change by assisting clients to explore, analyze and resolve difficult conditions. When compared to other types of counseling techniques, motivation interviewing is goal oriented and focuses directly on options that are available for behavioral change. The analysis and resolution of the difficult condition facing the client is the main focus of eliciting behavioral change (Longshore &Grills,2000). Motivational interviewing, which applies the trans-theoretical model of change, promotes behavioral change by terminating unhealthy behavior or adopting healthy behaviors through six stages of behavioral change. These are preparation, action, relapse, contemplation, maintenance and pre- contemplation. Motivation to change is stimulated by the client and is not imposed by other people such as counselors. ...
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Motivational interviewing Name Name of the course Name of the supervisor Date Motivational interviewing Introduction The traditional behavioral change dealt mainly with enhancing skills and reducing barriers to changes in a person’s behavior. But in order to achieve a total change in behavior, many social and economic factors should be addressed…
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