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Proposal for Implementing Computer-assisted Instruction (CAI) With IBM’s SPSS Research Analysis Table of Contents Executive Summary 2 Goals 2 Needs 2 Benefits 3 Institutional Readiness 3 Introduction 4 Background 4 A Sample Research Example 6 Outline of How Project Will Assist Needs 9 Survey Development Process 10 The SPSS Program Development 10 SPSS Training Program 11 Proposal Budget for IBM SPSS 15 Conclusion 17 Appendix: Full Budget Table 19 References 20 Executive Summary There is a need for a sustainable online program which helps nurses and doctors who want to do research, to learn the finer points of efficient scientific analysis as part of designing their research studies…


Build the program instruction component in three to four levels so that a nurse could learn the first level all the way through the program in order to do preliminary analysis. This allows for a basic foundation to be established before moving on to the next level of learning. Provided self-testing components for medical personnel to review what they learned in each module per level as part of the reinforcement in learning opportunities (Bridgewater, 2008). Needs: It has become more evident that nurses and doctors, in particular, require a constant updating of research skills and this program will assist them to review the latest methods of analysis currently operating within the analysis fields. This program will be constantly updated through the IBM website and training modules and levels will also be upgraded accordingly. ...
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