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Simulation in Nursing Training [Author Name] [University] Executive Summary Simulation has emerged as a useful learning tool in nurse training as the trainee nurses can enhance their skills by learning and practicing various procedures and repeat them till they acquire proficiency.


It also improves communication skills and the students learn to work as a team. Simulation prepares the trainees for unexpected medical events and medical emergencies. Simulators are of various kinds; in their most common form they are available as different anatomical parts, computer programs and life size mannequins. In their most modern form the mannequins are fitted with sensors and provide instant feedback to the learner. This enables the trainees to correct their mistakes immediately instead of waiting for the instructor to tell them where they went wrong. Simulation is not only beneficial for the learners, the nurses can also enhance their skills and learn new procedures through this technique. Although expensive, this method of teaching is reliable and effective. Simulation in Nursing Training Nursing is one of the careers in which learning through practice is the best way to gain knowledge. Earlier the nurses learnt on patients through trial and error, but this process was quite risky as one mistake on their part could cause death. The learning environment was so tense that some students gave up their studies as they could not cope with the daily stress. To deal with this situation various techniques including practicum, case scenarios as well as simulation were adopted. Simulation is currently one of the best teaching methodologies in both clinical and academic settings. Defined by Dutta et al. (2006, p. ...
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