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Testing the use of the checklist in the operation room

This study evaluated the use of the WHO Surgical Safety Checklist, that impact of operating room briefings on coordination of care. Data were prospectively collected in the cesarean section OR with C’ section patients and the outcome of eleven cases of patients undergoing this operation was gathered and analyzed after direct observation of the OR checklist was applied . Findings suggested that in the general operation room, the checklist was used. In contrast, in the operation room of the labor department,the checklist tool was not used . To increase the probability of achieving patient safety and minimal errors when implementing the use of checklist tool, such as World Health Organization’s Surgical Safety Checklist, the integration between OR members of the different professions and teamwork must be enhanced. Key words: checklist, WHO surgical safety checklist. . Introduction and statement of the problem The nursing leadership needed to evaluate the possibility of educating all the healthcare professionals on the use of a safety checklist and to gain an increased awareness of the challenges and solutions connect with such an effort. The obstetric patient safety CNS at Johns Hopkins Hospital wanted to study the reasons why the OR checklist was not being used. ...
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The use of a checklist in an operation room Institution Abstract Nurses face many challenges in the operating room. Medical errors in the OR occur most of the time mostly as a result of a communication breakdown among the caregivers…
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