Leadership for health- Strategies that nurses can adopt to challenge practice in relation to the care of older people.

Leadership for health- Strategies that nurses can adopt to challenge practice in relation to the care of older people. Essay example
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Leadership for Health Strategies That Nurses Can Adopt To Challenge Practice In Relation To the Care of Older People Nurses are expected to provide optimal health services, personal well-being and enhanced quality of life to the patients, colleagues and the wider population that they interact with when conducting their duties…


Nursing ethics are not a set rules or principles, but they are a practice that incorporates specific moral qualities focusing on the behaviours that characterises the right action. Some of the constituents of the ethics of care include responsibility, responsiveness and attentiveness. The last two decades have been characterised by pronounced changes in health care environment. Establishment of environment that fosters safe and high-quality patient care has been complicated by the increase in the acuity and complexity of health care environment. There has been a growing need for the possession of high level skills required for operating the increasingly health care technology. Other factors contributing to the complication of the health care environment include shortage of the work force, fiscal pressures, and changes in diversity patterns related to generational, gender and ethnic as well reliance on supplement staff. Challenges such as nursing shortages impact negatively on the health sector’s ability to create a favourable working environment where nurses can achieve the vision for nursing, effective communication and enhance the moral activity of nursing. The challenges have affected performance involved in caring for the old. ...
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