Five steps to making a million in nursing

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Five Steps to Making a Million in Nursing By Name Date Introduction I want to talk to you about starting your own business. I will take you on a journey in which we will explore five steps to making a million in nursing. You are all highly skilled and quality professionals with experience working with doctors and patients.


If you wanted to start your own business, you can not only choose from a number of services, but you also have the human capital to make it work. Millions of people consider the possibility of starting their own business. Well, you can move beyond considering the possibility of starting a business and actually start planning and implementing a business. A lot of successful businesses were started by ordinary people with ordinary resources. What distinguishes these people from those who never get beyond merely thinking about starting a business, is that these people had the drive and the determination to get started and to succeed. I want you to remember the words of Thomas Edison one of the world’s greatest inventors: “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration” (cited in Sapp & Hamish, p. 20). In other words, inspiration is good, but it will not get you started in a business and well on your way to making millions. It is the work/perspiration that goes into planning, implementing and running a business that will determine whether or not you will succeed and have any chance of making that coveted millions. ...
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