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Literature Review: Managing the Impaired Nurse A staff of competent nurses is essential to the delivery of quality healthcare. This staff will undoubtedly consist of a diverse range of individuals performing tasks that can often be stressful. Part of the nurse’s duty is to disperse medications, often narcotics and controlled substances, to their patients, which can cause temptation to abuse these substances as a means of coping with job-related and ordinary life stress factors.


Since decision making is considered to be synonymous with management and is one of the primary criterion by which management proficiency is judged, the brunt of a manager’s time is spent critically examining issues, solving problems, and making decisions (Marquis & Huston, 2012). As an integral part of the delivery of quality healthcare, the functioning capabilities of the nurse must be on par with the standards required by the institution and the position within that institution held by the nurse. An impaired nurse, by definition, is lacking in the ability to perform their duties at a level sufficient to successfully provide their patients with quality care and meet the standards defined by their position. The complete technical definition, according to Dunn (2005) considers a nurse to be impaired “when alcohol or drug use affects their cognitive, interpersonal or psychomotor skills to the point where they can no longer satisfy their professional code of ethics or standards of practice” (p.2). ...
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