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Nursing Research: Project Overview Name Institution Overview of the Scholarly Project The overall objective of the scholarly project focused on improvement of the healthcare facility’s HCAHPS scores. Each healthcare facility is unique, which requires the facility to focus on its unique aspects in order to improve its HCAHPS scores.


Overall, the project focused on improving the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) scores in order to ensure that the facility achieved and maintained a competitive edge that made it provide quality care. In addition, it was evident that the failure to keep the HCAHPS scores high might affect the amount of the hospital’s reimbursement since the scores are influential in calculating the amount of reimbursement a healthcare facility received. In view of the level of importance and the benefits that the facility would accrue from the project, the planning, development, and the eventual implementation of the plan had to be aboveboard in order to leave no room for failure. There are various approaches that a healthcare facility can use in order to raise its HCAHPS scores. However, the unique nature of each facility necessitates a healthcare facility to examine the areas that required attention to raise the HCAHPS scores. For example, a healthcare facility’s score on the aspect of pain management might rank high on the HCAHPS scores while the HCAHPS scores on the facility’s environmental conditions might rank low. ...
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