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Nursing leadership Leadership scenario 1 Introduction Leadership is an experience that is said to be bounded by structure and system (Fairholm, 2000). This is eventually a very broad definition of what leadership is all about considering the idea about its structure and system encompasses not just the leader’s immediate environment but his or her self.


Below is a specific scenario in nursing leadership that eventually will help improve our understanding about the underlying theories in leadership. Scenario The head nurse was having trouble with one of her team members because of some issue on tardiness. The team member’s name is Julia who has just recently become a regular registered nurse. There were already three consecutive remarkable reported cases of Julia’s tardiness that caught the head nurse’s attention. There were even some instances when Julia was not able to inform in advance her reliever and that the patient angrily reported there was no one attending to her when in fact it was supposed to be Julia who was assigned to assess her. As a result to these consecutive demerits on Julia’s performance, the head nurse decided to follow up her condition by sending her a notice to explain her recent performance at work. The entire move was properly documented and all documents were filed at the human resource department. As a result, the human resource department conducted the investigation, called the attention of Julia for a personal interview. Julia reasoned out well and the human resource was able to give her one last chance to give her best shot at work. ...
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