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Nursing Research Proposal Name Professor Institution Course Date Introduction The city of California made evaluations based on its public policies and formulated a strategic goal aimed at improving the economic condition of the city. The timeline for the strategy included the period between 2002 and 2007.


The case study involves the identification of the issue at relating to the distribution of electricity around Irvine, making assessment on the initial recommendations and finally making suggestions on alternative policies on the establishment of an electricity utility project in Irvine. Problem/Issue Statement The city of Irvine is searching for the best policy option that will ensure that residents access reliable and cost effective electricity utility (Forsyth, 2005). There are two available policies including private and public power. Private power involves the continuation of the provision of electricity by SCE that will include the expansion of electricity supply from the other areas of California to the ‘study areas.’ Under the policy, the project has no timeline but remains to be a continuation of the supply of electricity by SCE. The policy is based on the experience of SCE in supplying California City with electricity. Public power will involve establishing of a municipal electricity utility in a timeline of 20 years and will only concentrate on the ‘study areas’ only. There is need to adopt a policy that will ensure customers get reliable electricity utility at effective costs. The policy is based on the assumption that the city will collect a lot of revenue from the project. ...
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