Critical Appraisal on SS Obesity Meanings

Critical Appraisal on SS Obesity Meanings Essay example
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Critical Appraisal of Pereira Da Silva; SS Obesity Meanings (Name) (University) (Course) (Tutor) Introduction The research done by Pereira da Silva provides an account on the various ways of tackling obesity which has become a world wide menace. This is attributed to the fact that there have been efforts to offer treatment to obesity.


Therefore, study explored the expectations and the beliefs regarding the exigencies and the impacts of bariatric surgery (Bowling, 2009:56-58). The methods included a study population comprised of 30 morbid obese patients. The results were based on three core themes namely: eating behaviour, treatment, and obesity. Critical appraisal is an integral process in the evidenced based practise. The aim of critical appraisal is aimed at identifying the methodological flaws in the literature besides, providing the consumers of research evidence with the opportunity to make informed decisions regarding the quality of the research evidence (Trinder & Reynolds, 2000:69-72). The critical appraisal for both the quantitative and qualitative research is appropriate. Developing a critical appraisal framework for healthcare services allows for the need to have competent healthcare treatment for obesity. Therefore, health professionals are required to be intelligent consumers of research, and this entails the ability to publish research something which Pereira da Silva has accomplished. According to Benton and Cormack (2000) argue that there have been tendencies to evaluate qualitative research against the appropriate criteria against the quantitative research. ...
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