Fatigue in adolescents with cancer and its impact on their quality of life

 Fatigue in adolescents with cancer and its impact on their quality of life  Literature review example
Literature review
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Literature Review [Student Name] [Course Title] [Instructor Name] [Date] Fatigue in Adolescents with Cancer Introduction and Background Cancer in adolescents is quite prevalent in the contemporary period. There are modern studies which describe that how intensively cancer influence adolescents (Carroll, 2010).


This chapter is a review of the literature on how adolescents are influenced by cancer i.e. how they suffer and what fatigue they carry at the time of the disease (Grinyer, 2009). It is going to review the life of the adolescent cancer patients and their methods to cope up with cancer and caner influences. The review will be made in the light of the contemporary literature and in the scope of the present medical understanding (Carroll, 2010). Literature Review Theoretical Framework Quality of Life and Fatigue for Adolescents in Cancer When medical practitioners talk about the quality of life, they relate it to the quality of mental-physical state of a person. If a person’s health is affected or shows poor quality, definitely it brings poor quality of life having the poor quality of health. (Albert et al., 2002; Revicki et al., 2000; Sajid, Tonsi, Baig, 2008) describe the quality of life as health related the quality of life which gets poor when the health of a person is in bad shape or bad condition (as cited in Eilertsen et al., 2012, p. 1). Adolescents having cancer abide in the poor quality of life situation, as they are continuously intervened by most painful and severe disease influences (Rashideh, 2013). ...
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