Perceptions of Bahraini registered nurses on continuing formal education: A mixed methods study

Perceptions of Bahraini registered nurses on continuing formal education: A mixed methods study Research Proposal example
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Module NM2: Advanced Research Methods 1 Perceptions of Bahraini Registered Nurses on Continuing Formal Education: A Mixed Methods Study A proposal submitted in part fulfillment of the MSc. Nursing, School of Nursing and Midwifery MSc. Nursing 2012- 2013 Word Count: 4,400 Table of Contents Abstract 4 CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION AND LITERATURE REVIEW 5 1.0 Introduction: 5 1.1 Background: 6 1.2 Significance of the Study: 7 1.3 Problem Statement: 7 1.4 Research Questions: 8 1.5 Aim of the Study: 8 1.6 Objectives of the Study: 8 1.7 Conceptual Framework: 8 1.8 Define Study Terms: 9 1.9 Search Terms: 9 1.10 Search Strategy 9 1.10:1 Literature Review: 10 1.10.2 Motivator Factors 10 1.10.3 Hygiene Factor…


Nurses comprise the largest section of the healthcare workforce in the acute and continuing care settings, suggesting that there is a great deal of benefit to be gained from nurses working to the best o their capacity. Different national governments realize the link between continuing education and professional development, and clinical governance/care quality. However, there are issues about engaging nurses in their own development and in on-going learning. ...
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