Leadership and patient safety

Leadership and patient safety Essay example
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PATIENT’S SAFETY Name Institution of Affiliation Course Date LEADERSHIP AND PATIENT’S SAFETY Abstract Managers and staff in health care facilities are required to work collaboratively to set health priorities, as well as come up with effective reforms to guarantee professionalism.


Introduction I was once treated to a rare and unfortunate scenario during my visit to one of the major private hospitals in America. I bumped into a serious commotion as doctors ran from one place to another trying to find a way to salvage the life of a young innocent boy. The boy was struggling for his life following a mishap by the attending nurse. As the case turned out, the nurse had delayed in administering the prescribed drug, a situation that would then require other additional procedures to help catch up with the medication requirement. Faced with a dilemma on what to do especially worsen by the fact that the boy was intubated the nurse opted to crush the pills and administer it via nosogatric (NG) tube. Due to fatigue resulting from the long working hours and the haste to cover up her lateness, she failed to follow the instructions given on the electronic medication administration record that requires the drug to be administered the way it is without crushing. Following this wrong procedure, the patient heart rate slowed down to almost a systole before an elderly doctor step in just in time to correct the mess. The young boy’s life was saved but the occurrence left him in worse state than the way he was at first. ...
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