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An Investigation of the Effects of Smoking and International Public Health Campaigns. The field of respiratory nursing, and healthcare in general entails challenges that extend far beyond the simple as-needed treatment of patients that might present themselves at clinics and hospitals complaining of respiratory distress.


Specifically, the dangers, consequences, and effects of smoking are the focus of this investigation. During the course of this investigation; several medical databases were utilized for the acquisition of technical articles relevant to respiratory diseases; the dangers of inhalation toxins, the consequences of nicotine in particular; as well as the social and economic realities of smoking, and efforts made by state agencies to curtail the prevalence of smoking. It is worthwhile to investigate these, and other factors, in an attempt to reduce the associated health-hazards; including recent studies that ascribe bladder cancer to the long list of health-consequences associated with tobacco. (Freedman et al. 2011) Initial investigations began in the Journal of the American Medical Association, their central website guides the user to salient articles available for purchase or library access. Specifically, this article will seek to answer whether health consequences of smoking over the past five decades is sufficient cause to trigger a public downturn in the prevalence of smoking. To this end, articles will be sought that describe long-term disease trends, as well as sociological shifts pertaining to public health, anti-smoking campaigns. A very recent study by Pierce and associates is highly relevant to this objective. ...
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