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TOPIC: Nursing Leadership STUDENT NAME: PROFESSOR NAME: UNIVERSITY NAME: COURSE CODE: DATE: TABLE OF CONTENT INTRODUCTION LITERATURE REVIEW Cost of Nursing Care: Care Delivery Approach: Quality Measurement: CONCLUSION KEYWORDS: Nursing Leadership Cost of Nursing care, Care delivery, Effective Communication skills.


Nursing leadership needs to manage group of people, number of different activities and situations simultaneously. To fulfill these tasks smoothly and efficiently, an experienced, qualified and trained nurse is required to motivate a team towards a common goal with practical approaches and right decisions. First and most importantly, nursing leaders are excellent clinicians and are natural mentors. Nursing Leadership needs vigilance beyond expectations to meet the uncalled challenges, or unpredicted situations. Literature Review: In this report, a thorough review is given on the cost management of nursing staff, how care delivery approaches are to be made and what positive outcomes one can get through effective and continuous communication (Houser, 2007). DQ2#1) Cost of Nursing Care: The cost of nursing care is directly proportional to over all expense of the hospital. There is a great need to specify the cost of nursing care to keep the total expenditure of hospital in the prescribed budget. As nursing care is the most important part of services which cannot be ignored at any cost, however proper record is required to be maintained to foresee the financial statements. ...
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