The Individual Access to Health and Social Care

The Individual Access to Health and Social Care  Essay example
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The individual accesing health and social care (give example of learning dissabilty patient with dementia) Sarah was a 62-year old learning disability patient with Down syndrome, who had developed dementia that went undiagnosed. She was admitted to the hospital when she started to show signs of acute withdrawal.


For almost one year after the first hospitalization, she stayed in this house. During this period, she was almost immobile and disoriented of time and space. She had lost all control over her eating habits as well. As a result, she developed a set of metabolic disorders including diabetes and high cholesterol. She was forgetting when she ate last time, and so went on having many sessions of meal a day. During the last one year that she lived, she was hospitalized two times, but the caregivers did not understand that she had dementia. Her forgetfulness was accounted for with the learning disabilities that she already had. Eventually she died of a massive heart failure. When the case of Sarah is examined, it can be seen that if her dementia was properly and timely diagnosed, it could have been possible to prevent her premature death. Being a person with Down syndrome, she was unable to communicate or even understand properly what she was going through, when she started developing dementia. It seems, the doctors did not check whether there was any difference in her behavior, which would have been possible by interviewing her caregiver to find out the pattern of behavioral changes. Such an interview might have thrown light into her newly developed illness, dementia. Sarah might have been finding that her disability to carry out day- to-day life routines was increasing. ...
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