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Nursing Informatics Name Course Instructor’s Name Date Nursing Informatics Introduction Acquiring information in the internet is as easy as one click. In fact, the internet has gained a substantial popularity as the most accessible source of information.


Some nurses prefer the Internet in answering clinical questions and searching for updates in the field of health care. In this case, nurses who are often using Internet searches are encouraged to develop a list of trusted health-information websites known for credibility. Advance skills are necessary to evaluate and appraise a health-related website as well as a criterion guide to ensure the quality of websites being accessed routinely. Website Critique: Medline Plus To ensure the quality of the health-related websites being used by nurses, a critical appraisal or critique of the selected website is necessary. The criterion outlined by Thede and Sewell (2010) will be used in this website critique and which will evaluate the Medline website in terms of source, funding, and validity. Source. The author of the Medline Plus is the U.S. National Library of Medicine with Donald A.B. Lindberg as the director. Medline plus caters links to different sources which specified individual authors of various specific articles. Medline Plus is being sponsored by the National Institutes of Health. ...
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