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Intoxication: A close association has been observed among people suffering from mental health and their addiction to alcohol or other drug (AOD). Treatment of such patients becomes very difficult if AOD and mental health occurs simultaneously.


Such people are more likely to face many “chronic medical conditions” (Sterling, Chi & Hinman, 2010, p.338-339) Self harm: The occurrence of self harm can be attributed to an action which is a result of severe “emotional distress”. In order to cope up with the situation such actions are taken (Maureen & Maureen, 2011, p. 28-29). Dependence: People suffering from mental illness like “depression” or “anxiety” tend to develop a dependence on smoking or alcohol. The dependence arises as a means of self medication or as a coping strategy. (Pederson & Soest, 2009, p.130) QUESTION 5 The nurses who are in charge of treating mental patients need to have a thorough idea about how to treat the patients because the process is very “complex” and “demanding”. (Ford, 2009, p.113). The following interventions can be suggested. Intoxication: One has to monitor the physical and mental condition f Carol constantly. Any change in them can be crucial for her treatment. Documentation of the observations is necessary for future referencing and consultations. Self harm: an important element in therapeutic supervision is to focus in assisting the victim to develop self awareness and goal setting (Buck & Lysaker, 2010 p.1). Carol’s mental condition can be attributed to her past and her lack of security in life. ...
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