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Nursing Informatics Telehealth and Graves and Corcoran’s Data-Information-Knowledge - Term Paper Example

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The study tells that nursing informatics has progressed far and beyond what has been anticipated by Graves and Corcoran’s perspective on the relationship among data, information, and knowledge. Nursing informatics has progressed along the lines of what has been correctly anticipated by Graves and Corcoran. …

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Nursing Informatics Telehealth and Graves and Corcoran’s Data-Information-Knowledge

This paper illustrates as nursing informatics are able to absorb most of the chores of nursing pertaining to data management, nurses will have more time to focus on face-to-face interaction with their patients by way of cheering them up and as the nurses deliver health care to the patients. As nurses are assisted with nursing informatics in the management of data, patients will probably get better faster as they receive the warmth and care of the nurse who is deeply and genuinely concern for their health as well as highly competent in health service delivery. One of the more important insights of the study of Burtson and Stichler (2010) is that nurse caring can potentially result into long-term improvements among patients. Of course, this is not to say that nursing informatics is limited to data management. As pointed out by the 2008 ANA definition of nursing informatics, nursing informatics is also about knowledge and wisdom in health care as well as many other things on health care. Today’s perspective on nursing informatics has moved and progressed consistent with the track laid down by Graves and Corcoran. At the same time, nursing informatics has progressed and expanded way beyond what Graves and Corcoran had anticipated. Every nurse in the 21st century, especially in the modern world, has a specific role or set of tasks in nursing informatics. Simultaneously, nursing informatics is a specialty option in nursing since 1992. ...
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