Reflection on the Development and Application of a Fundamental Nursing Skill in Nursing Practice.

Reflection on the Development and Application of a Fundamental Nursing Skill in Nursing Practice. Essay example
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Today’s healthcare environment is rapidly changing and for that reason, nurses practicing in it have grown sensitive to the need of evaluating their practice and ensuring that they constantly improve on it…


This is why it is very essential for nurses to be able to carry out an analysis and clearly respond to these new challenges that keep arising in a very proactive way. As such, development of critical reflective and thinking skills does assist nurses in meeting the ever emerging challenges related to giving needed care in context of a dynamic and rapid change of environment so as to develop into a critically reflective nursing practitioner. There are different approaches to critical thinking and reflective practices. My model for this paper is the Gibb’s Reflective cycle. This paper focuses on a patient with spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy; he suffers from epilepsy and also scoliosis. Cerebral palsy is a condition whereby there is a brain damage disrupting normal functioning of the body muscles. Spastic quadriplegia is one of the nine forms of cerebral palsy and which is quite common (Banta, 2003, pp.2-18). It disables and a very serious form of cerebral palsy compared to others because it affects the whole body. It causes muscle stiffness or paralysis of all the four quadrants of the body. Such patients cannot walk and have impaired speech functions (Rucker, 1985, pp.206-207). Their necks are floppy due to lack of control and are prone to constant seizures. ...
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Reflection on the Development and Application of a Fundamental Nursing Skill in Nursing Practice
The Gibbs reflective cycle consists of six stages of and helps leaners reflect on what they have learnt or experiences they have gone through (Park & Son, 2011, pp 3-4). This patient has a medical history of spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy; he s.

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