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Quality Improvement Report Subject Nursing Quality Improvement Report Quality Improvement Framework and Indicators Quality improvement is an approach used by organizations, particularly healthcare, to improve the quality of their products and services. Quality Improvement Foundational Framework involves tools that an organization would use to improve quality.


These include: focus on the client, understanding of service systems along with key processes, team work, and focus on the use of data. In the healthcare industry particularly, services should be devised to satiate the needs of clients. An important measure of quality improvement is the extent to which customers’ needs are fulfilled. In order to bring improvements in healthcare quality, it is also important to fathom key processes first. In every healthcare organization, work is accomplished by different people working in teams. Therefore teamwork is a pre-requisite of quality improvement in healthcare organizations. In order to evaluate the effectiveness of improved systems, it is imperative to analyze data before and after the implementation of those changes (Massoud, n.d.). Quality improvement frameworks in healthcare are based on various key dimensions. One of these key dimensions is effectiveness. As far as quality improvement in healthcare is concerned, effectiveness is described as the degree to which healthcare processes are achieving desired outcomes. Another dimension is safety which describes the degree to which healthcare processes keep away from adverse outcomes of healthcare processes and practices. Responsiveness, in other words patient-centeredness, is another dimension. ...
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