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CPD NURSING The attainment of nursing education is important for nurses because it equips them with the skills and knowledge they require in their profession. However, it is very evident that society’s health needs are ever changing and there are new challenges emerging every day in the health care field as noted by Bulman and Schutz (2004).


Definition Continuing professional development (CPD) refers to the commitment to structured enhancement and broadening of skills, knowledge, competency and expertise by professionals, and the development of professional and personal qualities needed throughout their professional lives (Quinn,1998). In this way, CPD becomes a means through which professionals maintain their skills, knowledge competency and qualities related to their specific professional lives (Alsop, 2000). CPD can also be described as the education that professionals in various fields undertake after their formal training. It mainly consists of any educational or training activity that helps professionals to maintain, increase or develop knowledge, technical skills, problem-solving or professional performance standards. It is therefore a means through which professional can demonstrate their continued commitment to competent performance in a framework that is relevant, fair, transferrable, inclusive and formative. CPD includes self-directed activities as well as formal activities. Formal activities include conferences, workshops and courses whereas self-directed activities include directed reading and preceptorship (Quinn,1998). ...
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