Ethics of Care and Ethics of Justice

Ethics of Care and Ethics of Justice Essay example
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There is a growing concern in identifying the gist of constructive relationship in the healthcare industry today. More and more specialists become involved into the practical peculiarities of the profession communicating with patients and underpinning the healthcare standards to the highest level.


Thereupon, ethical prospects in nursing are at the core in this paper. Ethics of care seems to be taken for granted in nursing by many observers. It accompanies the idea of the Hippocratic Oath. Moreover, it makes the nurse-patient dialogue possible with emphasis on relief and recovery. However, this concept runs into the ethics of justice which can be narrowed down to a set of prescribed steps and norms in following nursing practice. Thus, the question of both ethical theories in their approaches toward contemporary medicine are to be duly analyzed so that to find out the best decision.
Needless to say, current hospitals are full of professionals and those assisting them who can find out the right way in communication with patients. It is all about some psychological and moral obligations every nurse has at her/his disposal. The need for care is viewed to be paramount in hospitals. It makes the overall idea of recovery powerful. It goes without saying that a person can fight his/her illness starting from the inner decisions and inclinations. Believe it or not, such practice is well shared in the world. Moreover, it constitutes the need for care as a predominant impulse toward the inner recovery materializing in the physical healing.
Ethics of care is well based on the personal relationships with a patient. It can be interpreted as the consideration of other’s point of view (Ashcroft, Dawson, & Draper, 2007). ...
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