Learning Skills for Personal & Professional Development

Learning Skills for Personal & Professional Development Essay example
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Learning Skills for Personal & Professional Development (Name) (University) (Course) (Tutor) (Date) Introduction  Acquisition of learning skills is very important when it comes to personal and professional development in the nursing curriculum and practice.


The main skills that I have figured out, which I have managed to acquire through my beginning of this nursing career have been: Time management- this is because I was initially poor at managing time and when it comes to planning for my assignments, something always came up which distracted me in the course and made me fail to meet the required deadlines. I realized that my research skills were highly affected since I could not research well and I was always up and down in a last minute rush to do my research and complete the necessary tasks (Ward, 2001, pp. 47-53) Internet skills for nurses. Nursing Standard 15 (21): 47-53. There are other areas that suffered seriously such as the quality of my work that I submitted after I rushed it up having poorly managed my time. This usually led to me getting poor grades. Managing time to ensure efficiency and effectiveness was my main problem; Correct use of referencing and in the process avoiding plagiarism is another learning skill that I have developed. This skill is well enhanced when I stick to my school’s chosen format for referencing, which is Harvard style. ...
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