Critique of current evidence related to women, men, family, and child health care practices

Critique of current evidence related to women, men, family, and child health care practices Essay example
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Literature Review on Critique of current evidence related to women's, men’s, family and child Health Care Practices Childhood Obesity Contents Contents 2 Introduction 3 Body 4 Obesity Causes and Useful Recommendations 4 Impact of Childhood Obesity Syndrome on the Families and Society 4 Obesity and Policy Considerations 7 Obesity and Current Nursing Parameters 9 Conclusion 10 References 12 Introduction Obesity is observed to be a growing menace in the lives of children all over the world.


Similarly in country like United States the rate of growth of child obesity is found to rise from 6.5 percent during 1980s to around 18.8 percent during the period of 2004. This rise in child obesity conditions counted a dramatic rise in not only developed nations but also in developing countries. Pereira (2009) et al. further observes that the intensity of rise in child obesity holds large amount of significance owing to several factors. Firstly the prevalence of obesity among children is a precondition of obesity for adolescents. Secondly the condition of being obsessed among children also amounts to the emergence of several chronic diseases pertaining to heart and bones. Thirdly the growth of obesity among children was also found to be a correlated factor to the emergence of psychiatric or behavioral problems. It is because owing to the factor of obesity the children reflected fear of attending schools and public spaces for the chances of being rebuked. In the fourth case the happening of obesity is also taken to contribute to the emergence of diabetes among children. Henceforth Pereira (2009) et al. ...
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