Health Policy and Professional Practice

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Nurses are the backbone of any health care setting. Due to their proximity with the patients they are able to guide both the patient and the physician in the treatment aspects of the patient leading to improved clinical outcomes.


The purpose of this essay is to discuss and critically analyze the Cancer Reform Strategy implemented by the Department of health in 2007 with reference to Clinical Nurse Specialist. The main focus of this essay will be on the Cancer Reform Strategy of 2007 (DOH, 2007). Various historical events related to cancer care that have influenced the development of the cancer Reform Strategy will be discussed. The essay will also examine the role of Clinical Nurse Specialists that has evolved as various developments took place in cancer care in England. In the mean time, various proposals of the coalition government, their policies, the role of Clinical Nurse Specialists and the implications of these policies and services on the patients will be discussed and critically analyzed. The role of the Clinical Nurse Specialist. Cancer is one of the major public health challenges all over the world including England. According to DOH (2007), each year, about 230,000 individuals in England are likely to be diagnosed on cancer and more than half this number are likely to succumb to the disease. Thus, cancer is the leading cause of mortality under those 75 years of age. In 2005, 38 percent of premature deaths in population less than 75 years of age was because of cancer. ...
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