Nurses' Responsibility During an Emergency Situation

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Nurses’ Responsibilities during an Emergency Situation Nurses work in a wide range of emergency situations, both in and out of the hospital environment (Lundy and Janes, 2009). Natural disasters such as typhoons, earthquakes and hurricanes are known to cause much damage not only to property but also to human life.


Their work outside the hospital includes providing water, food and sanitation services as well and communicating the health implications and needs to the people affected (Stanhope and Lancaster, 2008). This paper looks at what the public nurse work involves when a disaster such as a typhoon hits a populated area. Hospitals When a typhoon hits an area and causes physical injuries and death, hospitals normally find themselves overwhelmed by the number of patients that have to be attended to. Most disasters that involve water, like typhoons are significant due to the levels of damage and mortality involved (Adelman and Legg, 2009). Typhoons may cause people to get injured due to the structural damage that it causes. Those injured may have inside buildings that came down when the typhoon struck. Others might have been driving and their vehicles crushed as a result of the disaster. Others may have been injured trying to escape from the ensuing floods and destruction. Typhoons may also cause environmental imbalances which may in turn increase the risk of environmental hazards and communicable diseases. The likelihood of diseases such as typhoid and cholera is very high when a disaster such as this occurs (Stanhope and Lancaster, 2008). Hospitals must always be ready to handle such emergency situations that arise from natural or man made disasters. ...
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