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Nursing Name: Institution: Question One: What are some of the difficulties with narrowing a problem statement? A problem statement is a concise and clear description of all issues that are going to be addressed by a problem solving team or an individual researcher in a feasibility report or in a proposal before attempting to solve the problem.


Narrowing a problem statement involves making it to focus on a particular issue or issues. It entails shifting the attention of the problem to a more specific and precise issue and narrowing the problem area into a specific hypothesis rather than addressing issues in general. It takes digging deeper into a problem and then stating only the exact area of concern that will be addressed. There are difficulties that may be experienced when narrowing a problem statement. One problem is that the researcher will have to narrow the scope of research. It is also difficult to narrow the problem statement and still ensure that it remains substantive, original and not so obvious. The problem statement should not lead a reader into obvious results. Narrowing them down without careful thought may make them too obvious and not original because most narrow topics tend to be obvious and have already been researched on unless extreme care is exercised. There are also a lot of problems that may be encountered with narrowing a problem statement when the topic is still relatively unfamiliar. Another problem with narrowing a problem statement comes about when trying to make the problem statement narrow enough to be able to arrive at a conclusion and solution, yet broad enough for a significant study. ...
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