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The Usage of Alcohol Rub in the Infection Prevention Control Essay example
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Appraisal of evidence topic- The use of Alcohol Rub in Preventing Infection Student’s Name Course Name Course Number Instructor’s Name Date Submitted The Use of Alcohol Rub in Preventing Infection Introduction Evidence based practice is a process by which ineffective practices are discarded and better form of practice is identified and implemented by the practitioners (Jolley, 2010)…


Once the nurse makes the decision, which is backed by the research, then the whole process of choosing the type of care that needs to be provided to the patient becomes easy. As an adult student nurse, I believe that evidence based practice is very essential for us. As we are responsible for the patients’ care, therefore, at times we have to take certain crucial decisions related to the health of patients. Once we are educated through evidence based learning, we know the possible outcome of decisions, which makes it easy for us to choose the best intervention for a situation at hand. I will start with the part of the essay which is to select an aspect of practice relevant to my professional discipline, such as use of alcohol rub in preventing infection control. I will provide a brief rationale why I chose that particular topic. I will define the evidence based practice and its importance to my professional practice and then discuss the factors that hinder or facilitate evidence based practice. Finally, I will discuss some of the types of evidences such systematic review, randomised controlled trails, and quantitative evidence, with relevant evidence to support my chosen topic (i.e. use of alcohol rub in preventing infection control). ...
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