Insomnia among adults: causes, effects and treatment

Insomnia among adults: causes, effects and treatment Dissertation example
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Insomnia among Adults: Causes, Effects, and Treatment Abstract This paper aimed to examine the causes and effects of insomnia among adults aged 18 years old and above in order to determine appropriate options for treatment and management. A critical review of literature was performed by collecting various articles, published not older than the year 2000, from journals and other publications that examine sleep conditions.


The condition can also bring about negative effects on patients’ physical, psychological, and social aspects, hence a reduced quality of life. Chronic insomnia symptoms were found to contribute to the decline of cognitive functioning as well as an increase of health care resource utilization. In the workplace, decreased work productivity and performance, increased rates of absenteeism and sick leave, lost income, and increased rates of accidents. All in all, insomnia can cause severe fatigue and other signs that can bring about a decline in daytime functioning. As such, appropriate treatment methods can only be ascertained once patients have been thoroughly examined to determine their individual symptoms, needs, and experiences. Both pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic approaches were deemed effective, although each has its own advantages and disadvantages. The identification of relevant risk factors can significantly enhance insomnia diagnosis, allowing health experts to come up with better decisions for treatment, and contribute to the implementation of new therapies. ...
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