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Health Promotion Name of the class Name of the school The city and the state Date Health Promotion Change for life campaign Change for life is a health promoting initiative whose mission is to intervene, promote and positively influence the holistic life of people.


As a nurse, I can help in implementing this change for life campaign to help individuals from my branch client group to positively influence their holistic life as follows: First, I will help in educating these individuals on the importance of changing their life so that they can live a holistic healthy life. Many individuals do not observe health measures simply because they are ignorant on the importance living a healthy life. Creation of awareness by shading light on the health related effects and benefits if living health will act as a motivation factor for these individuals to accept this campaign of change for life (Pender 2008). Considering the stages of change model, the readiness of individuals to change or accept to change their living habits towards health promoting behaviors is the first step that will help implement this initiative of change for life. As a nurse, I will engage in public education and promotional strategies to influence these individuals to make the decision to adopt health promoting living standards. I will also ensure that the motivation strategies are maintained constant so that these individuals can also maintain the changes geared towards promoting their health (Scriven 2005). ...
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