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Uninsured patients in relation to nursing practice in America - Essay Example

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Author : cschroeder
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The health insurance practice is one in which an insurance company (signs an undertaking with an individual to provide heath care services if and when necessary with a commitment by the issues to make regular payments in this regards).

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Uninsured patients in relation to nursing practice in America

The health insurance practice is one in which an insurance company (signs an undertaking with an individual to provide heath care services if and when necessary with a commitment by the issues to make regular payments in this regards).The uninsured patient is therefore a person who for one reason or the other is unable to have this kind of commitment to his or her health. A study of the nursing practice as it obtains in America presently would reveal the fact that attention is concentrated on the insured patients in hospitals to the detriment of the uninsured patients. As not all uninsured patient may query for Medicaid. This therefore poses a question "Is the health policy one for a review" Particularly as it concerns the uninsured and the nursing practice. It is reported that the rate of increase in the uninsured population is at an average of 1 Million people per year from 1987, which culminated into over 32 million adults without health insurance in the United States as at 1998. (permanenete journal 2003). For most of these uninsured people it is by no wish of their own that they found themselves in their present state. Most neither quality for Medicaid nor the insurance care packages.
Despite the fact that many of these insurance patients desire no much for health care packages it is beyond their reach by reason of the uninsurance labels they wear. ...
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