Implementation of Patient Centered Concepts In a VA Medical Center to Improve Quality Outcomes

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Implementation of Patient Centered Concepts in a VA Medical Center to Improve Quality Outcomes Name: University: Course: Date: Executive summery Although the United States healthcare costs per capita are among the highest in the world, statistics show that a significant portion of the healthcare provided is redundant or ineffective.


Consequently, President Obama and a majority of the congress are attempting to close the gap in health insurance through a combination of public and private programs and incentives. A starting principle for this effort is that cost must be contained for the insured populations to free up funds to partially or fully pay for the uncompensated care pool, without reducing the quality of care. One of the most significant obstacles to improved patient care at a reasonable cost is the relative lack of real-time access to current comprehensive patient medical information, which is easily retrievable for patients, health care providers and healthcare payers. To impact the quality of US healthcare providers and healthcare updated and shared information with all stakeholders in a timely and effective manner to not only ensure universal access to quality data, but also to extend essential information to key clinical decision makers. While some small-scale regional efforts to capture and leverage this information are underway, the healthcare industry as a whole requires encouragement to adopt and better utilize information technology (IT) in both the near term and the long term (Earp et al., 2008). ...
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