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A critical discussion on nursing paradigms

The practice of nursing is a very complex field and for years there have been a number of diverse theories as well as research paradigms to help those in the field correlate their knowledge with compassion and care. Theater nurses are perceived to have an even more direct effect on patients and their outcomes due to the notable role that they play in many life and death situations where surgical intervention becomes a necessity. However, even surgical nurses follow many of these same paradigms and theorizations as ward nurses do as both have to be able to develop a strong interpersonal relationship with the patient and give quality and compassionate care for optimum positivism for the patient in particular.According to Polit and Hungler (2006) paradigm is a "way of looking at natural phenomena that encompasses a set of philosophical assumptions and that guides one's approach to inquiry" (pg. 183). Nurses naturally use this type of thinking in their practice to assist them in determining what the best care methods are going to be for a patient. Of course this thought moves into the usage of metaparadigms in the field as well, with both interlacing together to form a unified pattern in professional nursing. A Metaparadigm differs from a nursing paradigm as, "it is known as a group of statements identifying a relevant phenomena" (Fawcett 1984, pg. 84). The Metaparadigm model has four known concepts that directly affect the clinical practice of any nurse, regardless of this is in theater or outside on the surgical ward, or even on a basic ward. ...
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The practice of nursing is a very complex field and for years there have been a number of diverse theories as well as research paradigms to help those in the field correlate their knowledge with compassion and care. …
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