Horzontal violence in nursing

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This study will attempt to show a relationship of cause and effect to investigate whether this link exists. Based on a correlation model, Riggleman et al (2010) Horizontal violence measuring tool will be used to evaluate perceptions of horizontal violence which is then correlated with medical-surgical unit retention data.


Among the many challenges hospitals face, it is now emerging that scapegoating or bullying and other forms of harassment are a serious problem. This is especially true in the hospital setting with different ranks between and within such professions. Despite being discouraged and restricted by various professional codes of ethics, workplace violence in the healthcare industry remains rampant. It may take several forms including “verbal abuse, threats, intimidation, bullying, humiliation, excessive criticism, innuendos” and exclusion among others (McKenna et al., 2003). Horizontal violence amongst nurses has very serious consequences and can significantly inhibit the quality of healthcare provided to the patient. It has been implicated in poor nurse retention in hospitals, although this has mainly been theoretical; opening the door for more research. This study will review the literature available on horizontal violence among registered nurses and its effects. A non-experimental correlational study design will then be established to investigate the link between horizontal violence among nurses and hospital retention of nurses.
Horizontal violence describes the aggressive actions of a group of people who work together and hold a similar status in their work environment. What makes the problem troubling is the fact that registered nurses are thought to be caring professionals. Most people would say that registered nurses do not bully, use abusive language and other disruptive behavior against their own. ...
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