Essay sample - Critical evaluation of the legal issue that may arise when taking care of the highly dependent child

Critical evaluation of the legal issue that may arise when taking care of the highly dependent child Essay example
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Module Title: Program Title: Legal Issue That May Arise When Caring For Highly Dependent Child Student’s Name: Matriculation number: Name of Module Leader: Date of Submission: Word Count: 3739 This piece of coursework is my own original work and has not been submitted elsewhere in fulfillment of the requirement of this or any other award…


Nursing of children require the nurses to take special care of the ill children that include caring for the child on the intensive care services made available by the nursing or health organization, as well as supporting the parents of the child with all measures that the parents need to follow in regard to their child’s health. The nurses in such roles also possess the rights to take their own decisions towards their care and treatment to the ill and highly dependent child (Trigg, Mohammed, & Huband, 2006, p.2). However the nursing of critically ill children and particularly those who are highly dependent and are even unable to express their difficulties and suffering (Candy, Davies & Ross, 2001, p.106), seems to be a highly sensitive issue with respect to the role of the nurses. Thus strict legal aspects are associated in this regard. One of the major legal issues that can be very commonly heard of reflects on the child abuse or maltreatment of child and the ignorance on the part of the nursing or the health departments to report any cases of child abuse if they are observed. Such abuses are often physical or psychological and often such neglect or abuses are intentional. ...
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