How are nurses from Somers affected by the stress?

How are nurses from Somers affected by the stress? Research Paper example
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“How Nurses are affected by Stress in Psychiatric Unit of Somers Ward?” By Devika 2011 Subject University Abstract Nurses are currently facing great challenges in their practice that may affect significantly the patients’ care and their future when left unresolved.


Looking back, severe shortage of nursing staff working at bedside is not a new problem in the health care arena since this had started even during the time of Florence Nightingale in the barracks of Scutari amidst the Crimean War. Stress has affected nurses in several ways in terms of manpower shortages and excess in the number of working hours. Nurses are also underpaid, abused at work, and taken for granted emotionally. Work stress has originated from work itself. The purpose of this research study is to find out whether newly hired nurses without any work experience are in a stressful environment in Somers psychiatric unit provided that they are in a probationary period, and would soon be evaluated in their workmanship. This study also aimed to find out how nurses with working experience respond and cope to their current stressful situations and to investigate if they assist their colleagues in adjusting their roles in the ward. Background: Nurses are currently facing great challenges and dilemma in their field of practice to date. This is foreseen to affect significantly the delivery of patient’s care and health of the nurses in the future when left unresolved. Nurses are “short-handed, understaffed, and overworked” (Milleken, et al, 2007) and to some extent, burnout. ...
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