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Deep Vein Thrombosis - PowerPoint Presentation Example

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Your Name Date Course Case Study: Robert Roberts Background and Diagnosis Mr. Roberts presented with a chief complaint of having pain in his right leg. Mr. Roberts said the pain has been continuous for three days and he has quit taking his Ezetimbie because he thought it could be causing his pain…

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Deep Vein Thrombosis

Immediate concerns with a diagnosis of DVT are stroke and pulmonary embolism, as the clot in his leg could break off and cause either of these potentially fatal situations. Mr. Roberts denies any chest pain, shortness of breath, fever, or headaches, indicating he is not currently at risk for these concerns. DVT Cause It is important to understand the cause of Mr. Roberts’s DVT to prevent future clots and to increase positive outcomes of his treatment. One of the biggest causes of DVT is surgery. Often times, surgeons can damage venous walls or intercellular matrix, releasing clotting factors and causing DVTs ( Mr. Roberts has not had any recent surgery indicating that this is probably not the cause of his DVT. DVT can also be caused by obesity and a sedentary lifestyle ( Mr. Roberts’s BMI indicates that this is probably the cause of his DVT. In order to prevent future DVTs, Mr. Roberts should be counseled about increasing daily physical activity, making modifications to his diet, and the use of his hypercholesterolemia medication. Another potential cause of Mr. Roberts’s DVT is his hypercholesterolemia. Increased lipids in the blood can form clots, which can lodge in the deep veins of the extremities and cause a DVT in some cases ( Mr. ...
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