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Name: Instructor’s Name: Course: Date of Submission: Insulin Administration Diabetes mellitus is a pathological condition which is associated with either the deficiency of insulin or the inefficiency of this hormone in the control of the normal blood glucose levels in the body.


The proper administration of insulin which includes proper dosage as well as proper monitoring techniques is central to the treatment of this condition and inappropriate dosage can result in unwanted results. The Clinical Resource Efficiency Support Team published an important article in the year 2006 which was named as “Safe and Effective Use of Insulin in Secondary Care: Recommendations for Treating Hyperglycemia in Adults.” The article highlights the importance of the fact that the administration of insulin to the patients should be done in the most appropriate manner for the purpose of improving the clinical healthcare provided for in the hospitals. It tends to provide proper guiding principles for the purpose of improving the methods of insulin administration. The article indicates the fact that uncontrolled blood sugar can aggravate many other medical conditions and destabilize the patients in the hospitals. The importance of care while administering insulin in the hospital settings is indicated by the fact that 33 percent of the inaccuracies that occur in medical practice and result in the death of the patients within 2 days in the hospitals are mainly due to improper administration of insulin. The control of blood sugar level has become increasingly important in the hospital. There should be organized plans devised for the purpose of insulin administration. ...
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